Ryland, Seriously?

I know, that’s just what I was feeling. Bitstrips is so nice for that! 😀 Yes, that’s me–or as close to me as you can get in the Bitstrip world. I’m sure you’re wondering why Ryland? Weren’t we not building with them? Weren’t they returning our check and not proceeding with the contract because they didn’t want to build the house? Yes, yes, you’re right. That’s exactly where we stood–until John checked the bank and guess what? Yes, you guessed right, Ryland cashed our check. Imagine his annoyance at finding this out…and then calling the Ryland sales lady and she knows nothing about. Imagine still further that he called back a couple of days later and left a message and she didn’t call him back. Have you seen angry John? 😉 Not many people have!

So, he called her again today and this is the really unbelievable part. I mean, I know there is confusion at big companies sometimes and things happen that aren’t supposed to happen. One hopes they straighten them out and apologize. What is not expected is when they call you back and say, well wouldn’t you rather just go ahead and build with us anyway? Then that whole silly cash checking thing wouldn’t be a problem anymore. No Ryland, we do not want to build with you…we are broken up, move on!


Confusion, unhappiness, and a general crazed feeling


I think we’ve hit a go/no go decision point. John and I are crazed, frantic, annoyed, upset, confused, unhappy, scared, irritated, and just go on naming other words that mean we want to pull our hair out, run screaming through the room, and then cry…a lot.

The lot is supposed to close by Monday–not happening. The pool people are concerned with the cost of building a pool behind the house. No one can think outside of the box and use any problem solving skills–like what if you swing the pool to the left side rather than the right. Since the right is where the slope starts heading down, down, down!

Then, Friday we get a price from the builder…it’s quite a bit more than we had expected. They act as if they never heard us give them our budget. To make matters worse, the builder’s nephew died on Friday (and I’m sympathetic, really I am) so we can’t meet to discuss options for lowering the price until Wednesday—after our option period expires. 😕

Luckily, our realtor (who had to have emergency surgery, but is still emailing and calling us from the hospital! Paula, rest up!) says we just have to provide them the extension on the option paperwork before Monday. It’s then not our problem that the sellers are out of town (again!). Why did we want to build a house?


The search for water

Since we live in south Texas, you must know that water is very precious. As in, we don’t have enough, we don’t get enough rain, and the utility company charges a lot for the privilege of using the water. Or connecting you to the water. The lot we’re purchasing claimed to have water already hooked up…great, that’s a cost we don’t have to incur (not that we didn’t pay for it already in the cost of the lot). We couldn’t actually find the water though and the water company said they had no record of it. Nor would they go out and look for it unless we provided a record or something to show water existed.

dowsingApparently John knows this plumber who dowses for water. I mean, who thought that was real? Especially when I found pictures of people using a coat hanger –which then makes me believe in it less. I mean, wasn’t the point supposed to be that the wood in the dowsing rod goes towards water? How does that work with a piece of metal then? Sounds like bunk to me…even Wikipedia thinks dowsing is bunk. 😉 And you know that Wikipedia cannot be wrong!

But, our chain of communication from John-> our realtor-> seller’s realtor -> seller -> seller’s husband resulted in the news that the elusive water was found and marked! And the location is relatively convenient. Yay!