in honor of national poetry month

the housing market
is like a chameleon
shifting with the wind

karma chameleon



Other building a house blogs

I thought I’d take a look around at some other “we’re building a house” type blogs. This Sweet Reverie was a nice example, using blogspot rather than WordPress.

There were quite a few who started a blog and just stopped posting after the first couple of days. The Sweet Reverie lady posted a message asking for people to put links to their blogs. You can look through them on the “Building a Home Forum here:

What is the motivation for a blog like this?

  • People want to track what happens with their house building. This seems to be the predominant reason for the ones I looked at. Building a house is a big project, life changing–one of those major life moments like getting married or having a baby. So, of course we want to chronicle the journey. This is partly my reason, I know.
  • Make money for their house building: I’ve seen several sites with advertising or Amazon products for sale. The blogs may have multiple motivations, but they’d clearly also like some help paying for that new house. And who wouldn’t? I’m open to people giving me money!
  • Nit-picky tracking of problems: These are the people who like to complain about everything (you know who you are). They want to document every little thing that went wrong in the process so they can worry at it years later. I hope to NOT be one of these people!

Things I’ve learned from these other blogs:

  • Do NOT place a huge, tall picture in your header. That causes poor readers like me to have to rescroll down every time you select a post. Yeesh!
  • Do NOT put too many words in any one post–information overload! No one cares about the minutiae but you! That hyperlink was for you, Mere. 😀
  • Do NOT be too cutesy (they know who they are, I refuse to link them all in here).
  • DO post lots of cool pictures!

Feel free to comment and let me know what you’d like to hear/see more about!

Here’s our elevation drawing–not bad, huh?


This is what we gave the designer as the example of how we wanted the exterior of the house to look: