Granite pricing

granite prices



Granite pricing made slightly less mysterious. This is from Lowe’s and, on the bright side, corresponds to one of the granite places we actually visited! On the down side, the fancy granite below is in the most expensive group, E.



More expensive granite


Insane number of choices

Last week, we went to the design center for a “preview” visit. By preview visit, I believe they mean, ‘come on in and look around at the 10 million choices, realize there’s no way you can decide from that many, become resigned to just going with whatever we show you.” 😉 Probably not exactly the reality…but the number of choices was definitely overwhelming. And, here’s what happens…someone shows you a tile, “ooh, isn’t this pretty, would look great in the entryway”. You think, yeah, but the entryway tile will also go in the study, dining room, kitchen, etc. John and I look at the tile–how does this go with the hardwood flooring for the living area. Gee, we haven’t picked that out yet. Run over and look at the hardwood flooring. Realize that you like NONE of it. How does the tile go with the kitchen cabinets? Who knows, we don’t have anything to compare it with. What about the counter tops? Now we hear, oh you should go pick out your granite for the countertop and base everything around that. I don’t know about you, but granite is just rock to me. I’m not super excited about it. But granite is what goes in “nice” houses, so the builder says we should do granite.

Yesterday, we went to some granite places. And yes, there is some lovely looking granite. It’s also impossible to know how much piece of granite A costs versus piece of granite B. A nice lady, Michelle, took pity on us in the granite yard and explained a little of it to us. The more color variations there are in the granite, the more expensive. And, the fabricator is the one who tells your builder the price. She gave us a piece of paper with 8 levels of pricing (without prices, of course) and granite colors listed in each. You’ll see below two pieces of granite. One, is a level 6 granite (at this place). The other is a level D granite from another stone place.

Reading up on granite–apparently pricing ranges from $45-200 a square foot. And granite slabs are typically 5x8ish…making our 5 1/2 x 10 island require TWO pieces. Maybe we’ll rethink the size of that island!

This is a level 6 granite (depending on where you're at)
Granite A : Crema Bordeaux
This is a level D granite (depending on where you're at--but I think more exp. than the other)
Granite B : San Luiz?