Universe is saying “NO!!!!!”

All right, I’m listening–stop hitting me over the head with the bricks. It’s not our time to buy a house, so says the universe. I don’t believe in fate, per se, but still, I’ll take the hint. It’s not our time to buy a house–embrace it, let go of the stress, focus on something else. 

Here’s what I take away from the whole process:

  • When a builder gives you a price for building on your lot–expect it to be $100K more before you get to the contract signing step.
  • When you ask a pool company for a price on a $40-50K pool on your new lot that hasn’t been cleared–expect them to tell you that the pool may cost $80-90K.
  • You can’t really afford a lot close to town. If you can afford the lot, you can’t really build a nice house on it right next to the $100K houses.

I do feel a little sad…but moving on is good too. So, that being said, this blog is clearly misnamed for my future blogging efforts. Because while the house is not going to be built, I’ve enjoyed the blogging and want to continue. So, I’m going to move back to the blog I created last year. Join me there! 



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