Strange things I want to buy from Lee Valley

I love the Lee Valley catalog…there are always a ton of things in there that I never knew existed and now I desperately need. Or maybe desperately want to need, depending on the item.

bug clothingI mean, who doesn’t want bug clothing–and these are not clothes made out of bugs, despite the name.

You can buy individual pieces, like a jacket or pants, or the adorable headnet, and of course, mosquito gloves in small or large.

mosquite glove

Plus, you can buy complete sets of children’s bug clothing!


Now, since we’re thinking of bugs now and feeling itchy, you could also buy this adorable bug-safe mini tent to put around your chair at a soccer game (if you go to soccer games) or maybe at Shakespeare in the Park–though I’m not sure the people behind you would appreciate that!

And yes, it does have a floor (in case you were wondering since that was MY first question when I saw it).

I know this sounds like I’m making fun of Lee Valley and I’m really not. I really do think they have the coolest stuff–some of which I actually own. Like these corn forks–they are great, very sturdy and easy to hold. And only $8.50!

And these labels for leftovers…they dissolve in water when you wash the container! I can’t tell you how many nails I’ve split trying to peel off the masking tape I used to use!

I recently got this flat, write-on tape measure. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m really excited about it. You know, you measure something and don’t have a piece of paper–you can just use your pencil to make a mark on it. And the mark comes off just by rubbing it. Plus there’s a write-on spot on the side AND a pencil sharpener. I really feel they should have added a little pencil tho. It was just $8.95!

Some stuff I don’t own, but I would if I could figure out a reason. Like this berry scoop…and this is an example of how you REALLY must get the catalog as the page for the berry scoop does not do it justice and only shows the picture on the right.

berry scoop in catalog

Or this fruit and nut gatherer. How cool would that be if I had a pecan tree in my yard!?!

fruit and nut gatherer
There are even a few things I may buy soon. Like double pronged skewers for kebabs–my meats and veggies always spin around and these keep them from doing that.

Or this magnetic propane tank gauge–mine is always empty when I don’t realize it.

If I lived somewhere where these would last when I put them out, I’d love the ice lanterns. I do feel they need to be outside like for a Christmas party.

Aha, I finally found the thing I was actually looking for–I didn’t remember what it was, just that I had cut out a page from the catalog and saved it for when I was going to place an order. And it’s free shipping over $40 right now, so I wanted to order some things. I’ll need a lot more than this though, since these stay tied shoelaces are only $3.95.

Have I inspired you to go find your own cool Lee Valley items for an order? 😀 And they’re not even paying me! If you like to garden, or do woodworking, or love tools and gadgets, you’ll find even more exciting things. And really, I think their prices are very reasonable.




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