Dum dum dum…it’s semi-official

I know, you’re all wondering–what in the heck happened to the house building blog. Well, we wavered, we vacillated, we flipflopped, we changed our minds (sometimes a couple of times in one day). We’ll just wait, just forget it, let’s buy an existing house…on and on and on. Finally, we calmed down some and thought about what we wanted. We decided we did kind of want a community (as long as it is, of course, just the right kind of community), but we also wanted a little seclusion.

Triana out in Helotes seemed to fit the picture we had. There’s a pool and a playground, but every row of houses has at least 30′ of green space behind their back fence. And Ryland (gasp!) had the floor plan we liked the best, was running a good promotion, and had an awesome lot for our new house.

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The lot is on a cul de sac, so should be nice and secluded, plus behind it is the Triana’s (name of the people who sold the land to the developer) home ranch–pretty large. We like our floor plan and asked for just a couple small changes–we’ll see how amenable they are to making them. Plus, we made them write into our contract that we can back out (and get our money back) after we see the upgrade pricing at the design center (hence the semi-official-ness). We also like the elevation and the side entry garage.

This is the floor plan we're getting

This is the floor plan we’re getting

Front elevation

Front elevation

Will John and Lynne change their mind? Will John tell the saleslady that she must not want to sell us a house if she won’t make the changes we want? Will Lynne be able to pick out kitchen cabinets for an amount she feels is reasonable? Will John be snide when told each additional outlet he wants to add is $65 (probably)? Stay tuned for more updates from the bat cave…


2 comments on “Dum dum dum…it’s semi-official

  1. Triana is very nice and has great amenities. I am sure you will love it:)  How was the elementary school traffic? Hopefully it won’t get too bad as the number of students attending increases.   Have you asked the builder if you can have your own people come do some upgrades? My brother-in-law was able to get someone to come in and add all kinds of wiring and stuff for a better intercom system, surround sound and cabling for an entertainment cabinet right before the sheetrock was put up…saved a bundle. 

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    • There’s actually a second entrance before you get to the one by the school—only owners have the remote to get in tho. It seems very nice there. So, did your brother-in-law build with Ryland? Cause they seem like sticklers for the rules…I didn’t get the impression they’d be willing to support that kind of thing. But maybe it’s just the lady we dealt with.


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