Crowd sourced funding

So, crowd sourced funding…I find myself fascinated by it. And continually wonder if there’s something I could “kickstart”, but fail to come up with anything. And so many times I’ve looked on kickstarter and wanted to contribute, but never found something that a) was exciting and b) didn’t cost more than I was willing to “gamble”. 😀 I’m really not a gambler at heart.

The Solar Roadways people posted on Facebook that they were launching their funding campaign on Indiegogo, which I’ve heard of, but never looked at. So of course I had to go look at their options. And I found one that I was actually willing to purchase–actually I bought the two pack, one for me and one for John.

I mean, cool right? And there’s really no tech involved, it’s a swiveling mirror that redirects your camera lens. But really cool idea and will hopefully make whoever thought of it rich! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s post pointing to the Solar Roadways Indiegogo campaign!


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