Revisiting new communities

Because we are apparently gluttons for punishment (odd phrase, that), John and I decided to visit a couple of new home communities. Well, we actually were going to stop by an open house–cause I’ve been sick and Fiesta-ing was too much activity for me, but we saw a Sitterle sign as we were going to it. So we hopped over to the Balcones Creek community and saw Ryland was also building there. Don’t get me wrong here as Ryland is a perfectly fine builder, but we’ve always found their houses…I dunno know…borrrrinnnngggg! 😀 But this model actually looked interesting on the outside and was also (gasp) interesting on the inside! Unfortunately, though both builders were building nice homes there….they are both slightly above our price point and the location is waaaay out of town.

But…Ryland is also building at Triana just outside of Helotes–which is where we were originally going to buy the lot (I mean, in Helotes, not in Triana itself). So that got me thinking…I wonder if they have nicer homes there too. So I looked online, and being a major builder, Ryland of course has a huge web presence with interactive floor plans and other gizmos. And yes, seems like some of the houses are pretty nice. So, we head over there to check them out. Three hours later, we have a ton of floor plans and options and are too overwhelmed to go on. 😀 Or at least John is.

We’ll see what happens…I liked the floor plan at Balcones the best tho! Does anyone want to give me an extra $100K?

ryland olympia fp

Oh, but with some changes (of course!)

ryland olympia fp-rev


2 comments on “Revisiting new communities

  1. They do have really nice open floor plans.:) sorry Lynne I wish I had $100,000 to give you and John. Hey if I won the lottery it’s yours!!:) Let me know and I’ll help you with what I can..:) Don’t get to overwhelmed!!:)

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