Confusion, unhappiness, and a general crazed feeling


I think we’ve hit a go/no go decision point. John and I are crazed, frantic, annoyed, upset, confused, unhappy, scared, irritated, and just go on naming other words that mean we want to pull our hair out, run screaming through the room, and then cry…a lot.

The lot is supposed to close by Monday–not happening. The pool people are concerned with the cost of building a pool behind the house. No one can think outside of the box and use any problem solving skills–like what if you swing the pool to the left side rather than the right. Since the right is where the slope starts heading down, down, down!

Then, Friday we get a price from the builder…it’s quite a bit more than we had expected. They act as if they never heard us give them our budget. To make matters worse, the builder’s nephew died on Friday (and I’m sympathetic, really I am) so we can’t meet to discuss options for lowering the price until Wednesday—after our option period expires. 😕

Luckily, our realtor (who had to have emergency surgery, but is still emailing and calling us from the hospital! Paula, rest up!) says we just have to provide them the extension on the option paperwork before Monday. It’s then not our problem that the sellers are out of town (again!). Why did we want to build a house?



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