Lot pictures


This is a picture of the lot from the road. It starts behind my car and goes past the telephone pole you see in the distance. I think 230+ feet frontage–it’s a 2 acre lot. Although most of it goes straight down a hill. ;/ Kind of fun to think that you have a bunch of land on the side of your house too.

house-siteThis next picture is about 50-80 feet inside the property. This is a cleared area and will most likely be the house site. Especially since the lot drops off more sharply the more to the right you move!

lot-viewYou can see a long way out from the lot. Actually, we went down the road and around the corner and could then see downtown San Antonio. So, it’s possible when some of the cedar (hack, sneeze, hack) gets cut down, we’ll be able to see downtown in the far distance.  Plus, there are no houses behind us until a couple of miles away. The beginning of French Creek is at the bottom of our property and the people behind us are up on another ridge. Lots of privacy, definitely.


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